Introducing the AmpStrip™

For athletes who want to train to the edge

The most comfortable and invisible heart rate and activity monitor that you wear all-day, everyday.

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Corporate Wellness

Get your workforce moving

The Pebble+ activity tracker and best in class wellness programs help to increase engagement and improve employee health.

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Activity Tracking

Just clip it on and go!

The Pebble+ is an award-winning activity tracker that motivates you to start and maintain an active lifestyle and it now syncs with your smartphone. 

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Fitness with Activity Tracking

Now track activity outside the facility

The Pebble on FitLinxx Pro helps fitness facilities engage members with all-day activity tracking outside the facility.

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Health and Fitness

Engage your members

FitLinxx Professional helps fitness facilities attract and build stronger relationships with members.

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Fitness facility members who use FitLinxx at their fitness facility can now buy a Pebble online.
It's just $59.95.

Pebble Activity Tracker

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*Please note the Pebble+ is not available at this time to FitLinxx Professional users

Each month, all FitLinxx Pro members are automatically entered into FitLinxx’s Live Actively Steps Challenge and Cardio & Strength Activity Challenge! All you have to do is let FitLinxx record your activity as usual and you will have a chance to win gift cards.

Check out the LiveActively and Cardio & Strength Challenge pages for details.

Time Magazine
Pebble Mentioned in Wearables Article
The FitLinxx Pebble+ was mentioned in Time Magazine in a story about how wearables may be the next revolution in personal health. Specifically, the Pebble was mentioned as the activity tracker that was helping 18,000 Cleveland Clinic employees meet their activity goals.

FitLinxx enters consumer market with tracker built on accuracy and comfort
News from about the AmpStrip.

Employee Benefit News
Wearable devices: Future of wellness or just a fad?
Doug McClure, FitLinxx's EVP of Product Marketing participated in a panel discussion about the future of wearables in wellness at this year's Benefits Forum and Expo.

Patient Monitoring, Big Data, and the Future of Healthcare
Can wearables improve patient health? Wired article mentions FitLinxx wearables in use at Mass General Hospital.

Wall Street Journal
Can Data from Your Wearable Transform Medicine?
This Wall Street Journal article discusses how FitLinxx's work with Partners Healthcare is helping patients with Type 2 diabetes.

eWeek: FitLinxx Adds Mobile Features to Activity Tracker
The Pebble+ release was also picked up by eWeek, a leading tech and business e-magazine. The article features quotes from Dave Monahan, FitLinxx CEO and information from our 2013 year-end press release.

MobiHealth News
MobiHealth News: Fitlinxx adds smartphone syncing to new Pebble+ tracker
MobiHealthNews includes details about Pebble+ and quotes from an interview with Dave Monahan, as well information about our partnerships with Alere, SparkPeople and Shape Up, and the success that Cleveland Clinic is achieving with the Pebble.

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FitLinxx Announces Revolutionary New Heart and Activity Monitor the AmpStrip

AmpStrip™ honored by the International Consumer Electronic Show for Innovation in Wearable Technologies

Athletes will soon be able to abandon uncomfortable, unreliable heart monitors and step into the world of the FitLinxx AmpStrip ™, where heart rate and activity is tracked around the clock with acute accuracy – all within a device as discrete and comfortable as a Band-Aid®.

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